We envision a digital hub that brings together leading-edge tools and experts who are focused on stopping child abuse and sex trafficking. While the web is global and exploit global in nature, our hope is to be able to favourably shape the environment in Canada through a digital hub that effectively thwarts child abuse and sex trafficking affecting those in this country.


We exist to help fund and bring together a network of likeminded individuals, organizations and stakeholders who are involved in leveraging technology to track, monitor, and prevention of child abuse and sex trafficking.



HH seeks to raise funds that will benefit organizations that are involved in setting-up, administering and/or running programs which are proven to help reduce the exploitation of children, with a focus on activities which take place via the world wide web. We will engage in fundraising and identify credible organizations, charities, and initiatives that support our Vision and our Mission. We will continue to share news on our fundraising goals, success and how these funds are helping to advance our goal and the situation when it comes to reducing child abuse and sex trafficking.

Alliance Building

HH seeks to build alliances with government, non-government agencies, security and law enforcement, policy and subject matter experts from around the globe. Our goal is to act as a facilitator that helps unite them and bring together these experts in the creation and long-term sustainability of a digital hub that will allow for optimal synergy and sharing of expertise and resources. We hope to play an active role in advancing a network that will disrupt and reduce the incidence of child abuse and in sex trafficking and arm those dedicated to this goal with sophisticated tools and resources.


Hanyas Hope seeks to identify gaps in the current system and fill the void by funding new research and models that will promote capacity-building supporting a digital hub. This capacity-building will help mean fewer cases of child abuse and sex trafficking.

Our Mission

The first foundation of its kind, Hanya’s Hope paves the way for a modern style of philanthropy.

Create a Digital Network among Organizations
Through a unique collaboration with several established organizations, Hanya’s Hope is the primary resource for various children’s charities, with a plethora of support services, financial support, legal aid, shelters and more.
Financial Contributions
Through the generous contributions from our team and sponsors, Hanya’s Hope will be donating a percentage of proceeds to our partnered organizations.
Rally Community Support
With the help of our wonderful partners and volunteers, Hanya’s Hope strives to host community initiatives and events in support of each and every child survivor of abuse and the millions we still have to save.

“They’re working to protect children and babies from horrific sexual assault and exploitation. Everyone working there is the real hero. I’m grateful to share their work.”

– Hanya Kizemchuk

About Hanya

Hanya Kizemchuk’s path has been one of success and self-discovery, as a model turned real-estate investor turned entrepreneur turned philanthropist. In the ’80s, Hanya walked international runways for designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Jil Sander and Claude Montana, and back home in Toronto she appeared in the pages of Chatelaine and Flare.


Hanya's Hope believes in partnering with established charities to maximize its efforts in aiding child survivors of abuse and sex trafficking in every way possible.

Children exploited every year in the global commercial sex trade

Children worldwide endure some form of violence every year

Children do not have a school to go to

Annual homicide deaths in children under 15 years of age

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Hanya's T-Shirts

Wear something that means something! You can bet that this is the best t-shirt money can buy. The proceeds from each shirt purchased go towards funding our incredible partner organizations that are on a mission to aid child victims of abuse and sex trafficking.

Why Donate?

There are billions of children across the globe that need our help. We may not all have the resources to save them ourselves, but collectively, through our amazing partnerships, Hanya’s Hope can effect change by financially supporting our partnered organizations and promoting awareness through fundraisers and campaigns. We can’t do it without people like you.