Our Mission

Our Mission

The first foundation of its kind, Hanya’s Hope paves the way for a modern style of philanthropy. The foundation dedicates itself to helping child survivors of abuse and sex trafficking on a global scale, making legal aid and counselling readily available and allowing for accessible education.

Create a Digital Network among Organizations

Through a unique collaboration with several established organizations, Hanya’s Hope is the primary resource for various children’s charities, with a plethora of support services, financial support, legal aid, shelters and more. By creating a unified front in partnership with these incredible organizations, Hanya’s Hope aims to tackle the reality of child abuse and sex trafficking and pool resources to effect change.

Financial Contributions

Through the generous contributions from our team and sponsors, Hanya’s Hope will be donating a percentage of proceeds to our partnered organizations. It is important that we realize our financial contributions are just as important as raising awareness, so organizations like Hanya’s Hope and our partners can begin to make a difference in the future of child survivors of abuse and sex trafficking.

Rally Community Support

With the help of our wonderful partners and volunteers, Hanya’s Hope strives to host community initiatives and events in support of each and every child survivor of abuse and the millions we still have to save. Over the course of the months to come, Hanya’s Hope will release information on gala fundraisers and more information on what you can do to help.